Brand Identity for NY Executive Compensation Firm

Independent Executive Compensation Firm’s Brand Identity

As executive pay continues to be a hot-button issue for the media and Congress, there is an increasing need for independence when providing executive compensation advice.  James F. Reda & Associates recognized this trend, and formed in 2004 to offer independent compensation and corporate governance consulting advice.  A fresh brand identity was needed to highlight the firm’s quality of expertise to executives and board members.

James F Reda Compensation Firm

Executive Compensation Firm’s General Services Brochure

As James F. Reda & Associates continued to raise their profile among the Fortune 500’s executives and board members, a capabilities brochure was needed to highlight their services as an independent executive compensation firm, requiring a fresh, professional design.

After studying competitors brands, Palmer-Farrington created a strong, image-associated brand identity that highlights the firm unique independence, perspective and experience, and their dedication to exceed client expectations.

Buck Consultants Rebranded Website

New Website Showcasing Services and Capabilities

With the development of the new brand, James F. Reda & Associates required a website to match their growing intellectual capital awareness in the marketplace.  The firm provides timely studies, articles, newsletters and quotes to the media as an expert and needed a way to highlight this on their website.  JFRWebsite

Palmer-Farrington created an easy-to-navigate architecture for the site, populating it with the timely, relevant information, and maintains the growing website.  The website continues to drive traffic to the firm’s articles, studies and publications, bringing in new sales prospects.