Personalized Boxing Direct Mail Campaign

Are You Getting the Right Combination of Advice and New Ideas?

Marketing technology makes it easier to grab the attention of a target audience using personalized emails, printed materials and landing pages, or pURLs.  We creatively utilized this technology and the sport of boxing to do a multi-phased campaign of three messages over four months to specific targets in the Northeast region.  These messages were delivered using personalized email, postcard and landing page with thought leadership pieces posted.

Personalization included:

    • Target’s name and their company’s name on the email, postcard and landing page
    • Target’s name used as part of the URL address (
    • Company’s industry information, case study and quality scores

This campaign was then tracked for responses and generated over $1 million in new sales.

Direct Mail Boxing Emails
Boxing Direct Landing Page
Boxing Landing Page

This case study was produced by Jennifer Farrington in her Dirrector of Regional Marketing at Grant Thornton LLP.