Rebranding to a Globally Recognized Name


Question: How can we make sure we get the biggest push for our brand when changing our name in the US?
Answer: Implement a comprehensive advertising and public relations plan.

Business owners had little awareness of WeiserMazars and Mazars nationally in the US and we needed to get their attention when we changed our name at the start of 2017.

We created a comprehensive advertising campaign and public relations strategy to raise brand awareness and to get them to visit our website.

The campaign theme “Who is Mazars,” centers on a sense of mystery, and teases the marketplace with a few facts about Mazars and how the firm has the knowledge to help your company achieve your business goals.

With the rise of digital radio and the ability to target to specific demographics, we ran Pandora radio ads targeting different audience types; such as new recruits to experienced hires.

The ads drive the audience to a landing page where we answer the question, “Who is Mazars” with “We Are Mazars.” We showcase four industries and their leaders, with studies and articles.

The landing page allows us to capture the overall effectiveness of the campaign by understanding the number of clicks the landing page receives, as well as the number of individuals that complete the contact form.

Our public relations firm proceeded to set up a series of interviews with major publications and coincided articles we had authored to be published with our name roll-out.

Additionally, social media campaigns launched at the same time as the ad campaign playing around the theme of We Are Mazars.

This case study was produced by Jennifer Farrington in her CMO position at Mazars USA LLP. Images and tagline Copyright ©by Mazars USA LLP. Further reproduction prohibited. All rights reserved.